About GOST R Certification

GOST R Marking Certification in Product Marking can be obtained in 6-8 weeks with one of India’s leading Certification Companies in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmadabad, Kolkata, Assam, Delhi, Chandigarh, Nagpur, Bangalore, Chennai.

GOST R is a certificate you require to conduct trade in Russia. It is like a passport for your goods obligatory in Russia. GOST R is a mandatory certificate required by Russian law to allow you to sell goods and products in their market. This certificate applies to the goods sold or used in Russia.

The certification was originally developed by the Russian government which lays down requisites to other countries wanting to expand their business in Russia. With an ambition of importing safety and good quality products, GOST R certificate had made its mark in multiple countries.

GOST R is the government organization associated with enforcing the certification system to the foreign traders. GOST R compliance provides effective assistance throughout the certification process also guiding the traders through effortless entry into Russian markets. GOST R certification had opened up global markets to Russia and brought a vast number of opportunities in the same.

The products that are entitled to GOST R certificated to be sold in Russia include Electrical engineering, instrument-making, radio engineering, domestic appliances, Lightning wares, watt-hour electric meters, Electronic equipment, means of communication, alarm systems, Domestic electrical welding equipment, Raw materials, materials, substances and wares of industrial and domestic purposes, Solvents, hydrogen peroxide, Polymers, plastic masses and wares, Petroleum-chemistry production, Detergents for textile wares, stain removers, , cooling liquids, Oil, lubricants, Inorganic chemistry production, Detergents, Shampoos, Crockery, Car, motorcycle and bicycle detergents, Domestic chemistry production, Cool agents, deodorant agents, Thermoses, Fertilizers, Textile and light industry products, Confectionary, sugar, chocolate, Wine, vodka and other alcohol beverages, beer, and much more.

Benefits of GOST R

  • Consumer safety
  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Enhanced Quality of the product
  • Prevents Wastage of resources
  • Saves cost
  • License to trade in the Russian market
  • The benefit of International stature to your product.
  • Better Marketing opportunity in Russia
  • Encouragement of International trade.

The GOST certificate is the abbreviation of Gosstandard i.e. National Standard, a document attesting that a product conforms to Russian national standards (GOST R, GOST EN, GOST R IEC, GOST R ISO, ecc.). It may be obligatory or voluntary. The obligatory certificate is required in order to import and sell products in the Russian Federation. The voluntary certificate is intended to promote product and/or producer on the market in terms of sales and marketing.