The DAR Kosher is the one of world’s largest orthodox kosher certification agency situated in Jerusalem, Israel. We have over 100 working staff that is technically sound and well experience in the field of Chemistry, Botany, Biology, and Micro Biology & Food Technology

Our Rabbi having wide experience over 20 years, in the field of Issuing Kosher certification as per the Law of Kashrut.

Under his guidance we certified industry with strict inspection. The organization’s Expertise in Flavors, Fragrances, Spices, Herbal Extracts, Fats and Oils, Chemicals, and Retail Food, Products. DAR Kosher certify some 10,000 ingredients and over 5,000 retail products across the world.

Our Israel Office Address:- 45, King George Street, PO Box 92, Jerusalem, 9100002
For further details and your certificate details please click on www.darkosher.com or mail us on kosher@qualityadvisors.in