Our Achievements

Quality Advisors, is an organization formed by a group of core professionals with a vision to provide value added quality service to the small, medium and large scale enterprises globally. Quality Advisors, cater to your specific needs in the field of quality (Implementing ISO Standards) through Training, Auditing, Consultancy and Certification Services.

Quality Advisors provide excellence service in the field of internal audits. The changing global scenario and cut throat competition, as regards world class business had made “QUALITY” - a key word for success. It has become imperative for a company to adopt & implement ISO standards to sustain itself, in this new era, which only obeys the law of the survival of the fittest. We here at Quality Advisors, will help you to do just that.

QUALITY is everyone's responsibility and we never have to STOP getting BETTER

- W.E. Deming - Jimena Calfa

We have successfully provided ISO Consultancy and ISO Certification Service in more than 700 companies. We have done ISO Consultancy & ISO Certification for Construction companies.

We take work on a package (ISO Consultancy & Certification) as well as only Consultancy work. Our main focus is help the individual and organization internalize skills and implement company-wide quality initiatives. We help our customer in implementing and following ISO terms so that it becomes their daily habit to maintain quality and create a “Total Quality Culture” by Integrating latest tools and techniques with the human ware thereby effecting all round improvement.

We provide ISO Consultancy, ISO Registration services in India, Dubai, Srilanka and Malaysia.

Our Mission

Is to provide cost effect International Standard Service to all range of business sector, we believe every business is different than other and has its own value and conditional requirement. We at Quality Advisor are capable to provide tailor made solution which matches the best to your organization need.

Our Vision

Is help every organisation in manufacturing or service sector to maintain quality in their product and services by following International norms which help their growth of the company and increase customer trust.