Why Quality Advisors ?

QA has received credit rating from top credit rating agency and holds its own quality control towards serving the clients. QA offers you an exclusive combination of System certifications like QMS,EMS, OHSAS, FSMS, HACCP, ISMS and many more High end standards like energy management and corporate Social responsibility. Product certifications consultancy like CE certification, UL certification, HALAL and KOSHER. Apart from India, have base in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Sri lanka, Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar

QA is committed to

  • Provide quality services with an aim to achieve customer’s satisfaction and helping the clients to grow by leaps and bounds
  • Implementing a good Management System with an aim to help the client to achieve their vision and meet customers’ satisfaction and expectations
  • Ensure all employees involved in process shall receive appropriate and adequate training in systems.
  • We always strive to provide all the services to our clients under one roof.
  • QA has robust infrastructure to provide various services to its clients effectively and efficiently this comprises of maximum geographical areas.
  • Having 8 offices in India with team size of 22 people.
  • Have base in 12 countries with associates.
  • Able to focus on 30 projects at any point of time.

Project completion on time

  • We believe that Time is money and hence along with quality we also focus
  • On project schedule.
  • Before starting the project, we give complete roadmap mentioning schedule,
  • Responsibility of us and Inputs require from clients
  • We provide high end training for standard awareness, In depth knowledge and Documentation understanding, So that the organization will be able to maintain their system with their trained employees
  • After initial implementation, we also undertake (optional) annual maintenance of your system through internal audits and ongoing trainings
  • We also guide our clients to continuously strive for improvement in performance Which is one of the major scopes in any quality system performance